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Find Balance.

Innovative Therapeutic Services for Balanced Living in a Technology Dependent World.

The Tech Dependency Issue

The Counterpoise Mission

To illuminate and educate society on healthy pathways of connection between real-life and the digital world by providing objective, ethical, and innovative solutions for wellness and balanced living with technology. 

Counterpoise Residential

Counterpoise’s residential sites will incorporate a whole person philosophy aligned with the six dimensions of wellness, balance with technology, evidence-based therapeutic modalities, and integration of biometric and objective health data.

Counterpoise TeleCare

Counterpoise offers increased accessibility for clients and families, ensuring everyone can access our life-changing care through our state-of-the-art platform. Our Telecare platform remotely pairs families with highly skilled, qualified, and caring counselors and app featuring screen monitoring and biometric and objective health data. 

Counterpoise Education

Partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions to create academically-sound certificate programming for mental health, medical, and addiction professionals and graduate students. 

Counterpoise Advocacy & Research

Our work with Not-For-Profit groups provides lifesaving research, advocacy, and equitable access to support. Awareness, advocacy, and public policy discussion is achieved through countless collaborative and likeminded relationships maximizing the collective impact to fully and effectively address a global health crisis